New navigation option launched

August 25, 2023

A new navigation option

A key priority when we consider development is keeping things simple.

The number of times I hear … ‘it’s just easy to use’ … when people provide feedback on using an iApp mobile app demonstrates how important navigation is to a fulfilling reader experience.

With simplicity in mind, we decided on a button navigation page to ensure that all sections of the App are visible. No hiding things in a burger menu that no one clicks on.

Over time operators have used the flexibility of LIMA (the software engine behind iApp) to create numerous sections which can lead to some clutter on the main menu button page.

To overcome this we have created a bottom navigation menu.

The bottom navigation is optional and incredibly simple to use (we like simple).

In the LIMA menu, we’ve added a Bottom Navigation set-up. To use it an operator simply navigates to the Bottom Navigation in LIMA, selects the pages/sections they would like in the bottom menu … then clicks save. How simple is that?

The bottom navigation bar will now appear in your App.

When a page is selected to appear in the bottom navigation it no longer appears on the main button menu, which means less clutter. The great thing about the bottom navigation is it disappears when a reader interacts with a page and then returns when they are finished.

The bottom navigation is active no matter where a reader is in the App, so those pages are seeing a lot more eyeballs than they were when they were on the main menu.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.