iAppNetwork launches LIMA

July 26, 2018

Schistrockmedia the company behind the iAppNetwork has just released its latest application for local publishers.

The App platform is called LIMA, which stands for Local Independent Mobile Application. “After two years of operating on our prototype app we’ve identified a number of improvements and built a new bespoke platform,” said Schistrockmedia managing director Tony O’Regan.

LIMA enables local media publishers to establish their own local community app without a large capital outlay. “LIMA is built for purpose so local publishers can simply lease the system and be up and running quickly without having to reinvent the wheel,” said Tony.

A feature of the new application is its ability to integrate seamlessly with social media channels. “All content in the app is sharable and when discovered in a social feed it links back into the app hence providing the opportunity for local publishers to drive even more traffic,” Tony said.

LIMA has also made all content searchable which Tony says gives the business a ‘real boost’. “We’ve added a global search function so a user can search for anything local and if it’s in the app they’ll find it”. This feature is expected to be especially attractive to local businesses listing in directories.

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact us here.