Analytics critical for sales and management

February 19, 2021

How well do you know the performance of your digital channels?

The beauty of digital media is the real time updating of the performance of your channels and content. This information is critical when discussing solutions with advertisers and when considering content.

LIMA (local independent media application) is set up with Google Analytics and allows you to track user behaviour. It provides insight into page and content readership and actions taken on pages e.g. clicking on links, call buttons etc.

For advertisers the readership data provides an assurance of performance and validation of decisions made. After all, the reason they book with you is to reach potential customers. This information forms a core part of the sales process along with creativity and service.

Google Analytics provides readership engagement

Analytics provide a level of accountability which cannot be disputed and ensures a more direct discussion with advertising customers, simplifying the sales process.

The data also provides valuable insights for content decision making and structural layout. You can see what is popular and structure accordingly as well as improve efficiency by not spending resources on ineffective content.

In addition to Google Analytics the LIMA web app is established with Google Search built in. With Google’s Search Console you can see the search performance of your site; how often you appear in search, the key phrases searched, and how often your content is clicked as well as the rank position.

Google Search Console provides valuable information

As with Google Analytics this information is valuable to advertisers and management decision making.

As a LIMA licensee you are able to provide advertisers information on the performance of their content in search as well as use the data for enhancing content wording by browsing search terms and phrases. All the time making content more relevant to your audience.

Google Analytics and Google Search compliment LIMA’s ease of use and set up providing the ideal digital solution for local publishers.